Metals New Zealand (Metals NZ) is an incorporated society serving the needs of New Zealand’s metals related industry.

Founded in 2011 it is a pan industry organisation committed to the future of metals manufacturing and the future of metals to deliver robust, resilient buildings and infrastructure, essential to support New Zealand’s transition to a low carbon future.

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Our members

Our members represent the metals sector member organisations and key stakeholder companies and our Executive is drawn from those members.

CEO: Rick Osborne

Chair: Neil Watson

Executive Members: Troy Coyle (HERA), Darren O’Riley (SCNZ), Tony Barbarich (NZMRM), Gary Knofflock (NASH), Paul Gapper (NZSSDA, Gordon Mulgrew (CTNZ), Mark Wright (ALENZ), Robin Davies (New Zealand Steel), Neil Watson (Fletcher Steel), (Steel & Tube), Stan Clark (Pacific Steel).

Our Vision

New Zealand’s metals manufacturing matters for our country’s future and our sector continues to be a prosperous, innovative, sustainable and socially responsible contributor to the New Zealand economy.

Our Mission

Working collaboratively to deliver strategic leadership, advocacy and robust, fact based propositions which support New Zealand’s future.

Our Work Focus

Metals’ role in the circular economy sets us apart from the dated linear supply models of take, make, waste. Metals NZ views sustainability in a holistic perspective, beyond environmental to include human, social and cultural deliverables.

  • Free and fair trade is critical to New Zealand’s future and New Zealand is obligated to protect our manufacturing businesses from dumped, subsidised imports.
  • Robust building code and regulations are critical to ensure our buildings deliver into the future and to avoid the mistakes of the past.
  • Robust government procurement is critical, improving access for New Zealand business and using procurement to drive skills development.
  • Research is critical to our future and equitable access to government funding is essential for manufacturing and construction sectors to thrive alongside our primary industries.
  • Improving productivity is critical for New Zealand to deliver better standard of living for all New Zealanders.