Metals NZ serves to champion, evolve, and improve how our country benefits from one of the world’s most important resources. Building knowledge and appreciation for the exceptional value within our metals industry, our work provides the impetus for strong, sustainable, responsible change.

At the heart of this work beats a dynamic, collaborative ethos. Together we have the expertise and acumen necessary for delivering innovative and enduring solutions to a fast-changing world. This is why we build for the generations to come. This is how we forge ahead.

How we are building a circular economy

Gone are the days of ‘take, make, waste’. Building a sustainable future for the generations to come requires a new mindset in how we use our most valuable resources. Delivering a true circular economy means making the most of the infinitely reusable and recyclable qualities of metals like steel and aluminium.


Phoenix Recycling Group

The largest privately held metal recycler in Aotearoa, certified net carbon zero with Toitu Envirocare,  recycles metals into renewable resources for sustainable manufacturing. Delivering the circular economy for metals, other materials and products.